We have been pretty busy this year! From what we gather most of our customers have been too. 

One of the biggest challenges we have faced over the last 24 months, is keeping highly qualified employees. We went through a period of high turnover due to the high standard we have. With these issues we decided to do something radical and hire engineers as employees. It has worked out exceedingly well and we do expect some turnover but the training time to get an engineer up to speed verses less qualified personnel has been eye opening. 

ISO 9001 Surveillance Inspection 

HDHT continues to meet and exceed the standard by passing our surveillance audit for the fourth year with zero infractions. This is only through the diligence and exhausting effort of our employees and contractors that support our QMS program. We would also like to thank NSF for their professionalism and common sense approach to the QMS system. 


This year has also allowed us through most importantly, customer support, to add on a new/used internal quench furnace. The T-4 is still supported by Ipsen-Abar and will allow us the ability to keep delivery times at our standard which is still over 90% on time!!! It will also allow us the capability of a back up furnace to keep orders going while we perform preventative maintenance on the main IQ. 

We look forward to supporting all our customers into the next year. Please email or call Alex Bloemen or Dan Hicks if you have any questions about your heat treating needs. 

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